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Mhairi Towler Ph.D.

I am passionate about science and art and how the two disciplines can inform each other. Using my training in both fields I aim to enhance communication of science using computer graphics and animation.
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6 Lawside Rd
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Vivomotion is a science animation production company, based in Dundee, which offers a high quality bespoke service of 2D and 3D animated graphics for visual communication of science. The service can be used by: academics, biotech/pharmaceutical/medical device companies, science centres and schools. Through the medium of animation, stories of science are literally “brought to life”, allowing visualisation of the previously unseen, whether for conference talks, marketing or educational purposes. Customised animations are developed with the client, from concept, through storyboarding, production and delivery of a digital solution. A by-product of the animation process is art, in the form of digital prints, that are available for purchase. We also offer training workshops on the visual presentation of science.

My contribution to the group

Former committee member and attend events regularly. I help to put members in touch with relevant people in my network.

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