Our Members

Image for Tanya Flynn

Tanya Flynn

Alistair Flynn Wealth Management

Image for Michelle Murray

Michelle Murray

EQ Chartered Accountants

Image for Liz Oliver

Liz Oliver


Image for Alison Cowell

Alison Cowell

Alison Cowell Speaker and Nutritionist

Image for Wendy Dooner

Wendy Dooner

Dundee Herbal Clinic Ltd

Image for Mhairi Chalk

Mhairi Chalk

Abertay University

Image for Rhonda McCrimmon

Rhonda McCrimmon

The Travelling Shaman

Image for Wendy Maltman

Wendy Maltman

The Malting House Design Studio

Image for Alison Powrie

Alison Powrie

The Sorting Office

Image for Philomena Alexander

Philomena Alexander

Gemini Marketing

Image for Yvette Hill

Yvette Hill

Centred Learning Limited t/as Kip McGrath Dundee