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Janet MacDonald Coaching
I believe that we are all born with unique talents and values. When we run our lives and our businesses from them, life becomes easier, more exciting and rewarding. We know this isn’t happening when we feel stressed, unappreciated and exhausted
I love to help people thrive through the medium of coaching. Coaching begins with the premise that everyone has their own answers and wellspring of wisdom. The coach’s role is to support you to become aware of and take action from your unique qualities so you experience more ease, joy and satisfaction.
I will teach you the skill of demonstrating these qualities in your business and the rest of your life. If you are in a leadership role and you wish to develop your team and your workforce I will teach you how to do that too. I see developing yourself and your people as a great asset for your business.
Some of the results you can expect:
• more joy and satisfaction at work
• trust and loyalty of staff and customers
• collaboration and respect in the workplace
• increased bottom line

Firstly, you value yourself, then you value your workforce, they in turn value the people they do business with on your behalf.
Janet MacDonald
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