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Discover Cooking
Discover Cooking offers cookery instruction courses conveniently located in central Dundee Scotland. Friendly, casual and informative classes are open to anyone who has the curiosity and desire to better their relationship with food.

As human beings, we NEED food to survive. But, honestly, I want everyone to look past food as just a part of survival and make it a passion. All aspects of food production and consumption are, to me, fascinating.

I want to share this passion with you.

I want everyone to see that cooking, in particular, is not a difficult thing. Cooking used to be a very social activity. This seems to have gotten lost along the way in our fast-paced lives.

Now, our food more often than not appears from a room out the back or arrives on the back of a motorbike in an insulated bag. On so many levels, this isn't healthy.

• It is not traceable.

• It is not nutritious

• It is not social

I believe this needs to change. We need to take the time to re-educate ourselves about our food. Most importantly, we need to get back into the habit of cooking for ourselves and our families.

Fast food doesn't have to be food that you haven't cooked yourself. With a little planning, education and confidence cooking will no longer be something that you 'can't' do. I want to help do this.

Come join me and start your culinary journey and Discover Cooking!
Jeudi Hathaway
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