Rhonda McCrimmon

The Travelling Shaman
My name is Rhonda McCrimmon – I live in Scotland in Strathmore, the “big valley” that separates the highlands from the lowlands.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner specialising in the personal development of clients who suffer from mental health issues, feel lost or unsure of their future direction or are held back by past or current life trauma. Working with me can result in clearer, focused soul purpose, confidence and joy in life as well as freedom from unhealthy and unhelpful thought patterns and self sabotaging behaviours.

In my previous career, I was a successful accountant specialising in business and events development. After my father died following a mercifully short terminal illness, the grief and shock pushed me to re-evaluate my life. I wanted to leave a different legacy than the one I was creating and I began my search for a new way. I knew about shamanism through a friend and started to take some introductory classes, learning to journey for myself and gradually healing from the loss of my father. It was a transformative time in my life and one that I am eternally grateful for. I wanted to create the opportunity for others to experience shamanic practice and I chose to retrain as a Shamanic Practitioner.
Rhonda McCrimmon
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