My Journey to Entrepreneurship

By: Jeudi Hathaway. Date: 14 Feb, 20 Published: 27 Feb, 20
This is the hardest bit of my job. Writing about myself.

I'd actually rather be writing about all the glorious things I want to teach you about food. Food is a huge passion for me. Not only has it literally been my chosen career but it is also a very big part of my life.

As human beings we NEED food to survive. But, honestly, I want everyone to look past food as just a part of survival and make it a passion. All aspects of food production and consumption are, to me, fascinating.
I want to share this passion with you.
I want everyone to see that cooking in particular is not a difficult thing. Cooking used to be a very social activity. This seems to have gotten lost along the way in our fast paced lives.

I started my cheffy journey 25 years ago as a Commis Chef under the guidance of my Brother. Who, by the way, was the second youngest chef to qualify as a Certified Executive Chef in the United States. He encouraged me to pursue my passion for pastry. I studied Pastry at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Chicago for two years where I learned all things sweet and savoury about pastry. After moving back to Scotland, the land of my birth, I was City and Guilds qualified.
I have worked in the capacity of Food Consultant to several Scottish charities and had the privilege to work with the Scottish Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh. My passion lies in the origins of our food so I was happiest when I managed and cooked for several small independent delicatessens.
I have enjoyed working for bespoke independent wine and tapas bars, cafes and regional themed restaurants. One of the most rewarding posts I have held has been Head Chef for a local Dementia Day Care Centre. The joy the service users expressed eating familiar, wholesome meals was a reward beyond payment for me. In the later part of my career I have been employed as Head Chef for local universities with diverse dietary needs for the staff and students.
Nearly five years ago my baby brother who, was fighting a rare form of cancer, became a huge support to me when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. The desire to become ”my own boss” was now, a matter of urgency. Plans for Discover Cooking were put into motion.
Sadly, my little brother died before they could come to fruition.
My motivation now is to make him proud of where I take Discover Cooking.

Now, our food more often than not, appears from a room out the back or arrives on the back of a motorbike in an insulated bag. On so many levels, this isn't healthy.
It is not traceable.
It is not nutritious
It is not social

I believe this needs to change. We need to take the time to re-educate ourselves about our food. Most importantly, we need to get back into the habit of cooking for ourselves and our families.
Our younger generations are not being taught the life skill of cooking. This leaves them reliant on ready meals, take aways and fast food. 50% of all food purchased in the UK is classed as Ultra Processed. This is not healthy and we can no longer afford to sustain the level of bad food that we are consuming. The misconception that cooking from scratch needs to be addressed.
Fast food doesn't have to be food that you haven't cooked yourself. With a little planning, education and confidence, cooking will no longer be something that “can't” done.

- Jeudi :)